There is a pressing need for the Palestinian-American community in the United States to organize itself in order to attain its rights. Up until now, and after 65 years in the Diaspora, the Palestinian community in the U.S. is not fairly represented in the media or government. Therefore, the only way to change the unacceptable status quo of the Palestinian-American community is to organize ourselves collectively under:

“The Coalition of Palestinian-American Organizations”

We as a coalition will unite around the following items:

  • This coalition of various Palestinian-American groups will represent the majority of the community, and will provide a voice for those people.
  • This coalition will address issues that concern the Palestinian-American community and as well as initiatives and projects that member organizations would like to work on.
  • This coalition will facilitate presentations and lectures supporting the rights of the Palestinian people. For example, arranging for lectures by Palestinian personalities at American institutions, universities, houses of worship and on television and the radio. We will also encourage one another to place op-eds and letters to the editor in newspapers both locally and nationally. We must also continue to support the work of existing organizations.
  • This coalition should work on boycott/divestment/sanctions of companies and institutions operating from settlements within the Occupied Palestinian Territories or selling products exploiting the manpower and resources of the Occupied Territories.
  • This coalition aims to organize cultural exchange programs between the United States and Palestine and encourage and facilitate economic cooperation between the two countries.
  • This coalition should lobby elected officials to support a more balanced US peace making effort that would lead to a fair and just peace agreement between Palestine and Israel. Please duly note that all organizations that decide to join the “Coalition of Palestinian-American Organizations” will maintain the integrity and standards that they have set for themselves. There will be no need to amend the bylaws of existing groups or organizations that wish to join this coalition. The coalition will serve as an alliance of existing Palestinian-American organizations that will work together collectively towards advancing the agenda of Palestinian-Americans.