FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, January 30, 2017

CONTACT: Shafic M. Budron, Ph.D.,

Executive Committee, The Coalition of Palestinian American Organizations

Phone: (847) 489-7999 Email:

CHICAGO – The Coalition of Palestinian American Organizations (CPAO) is appalled with President Donald Trump’s Executive Order on immigration and refugees, which in effect bans citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and Sudan (including legal residents of the United States with green cards), from entering the U.S.

The Order was enacted and has created confusion while many travelers and refugee families were in transit to the United States causing them getting detained and stuck at airports across the country. The Order has prompted many lawsuits across the country, with several Federal judges having already granted injunction, putting parts of it on hold. The Order is likely to face a litany of new legal challenges about whether it violates anti-discrimination law and the Constitution.

The Order is un-American and will not make our country and our fellow American citizens safer. It will send the wrong messages, which breach America’s bedrock values and principles. Such action will only embolden the hardliners and extremists at home and abroad, deepen the divide in our country, fan the flames of fear mongering and hate, and escalate the horrors and terror of ideological conflict and clash of civilizations, which are not confined to physical bounds.

CPAO rejects bigotry and unlawful discriminatory and demands that the Executive Order be repealed swiftly.